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2017 Walmart Open Call Winner

2016 DIY Fulfills Customer Needs Winner

2016 Best New Product

The award-winning ONE-Tie™ is guaranteed to simplify your life.

What is it? Good question. The ONE-Tie™ is the most useful gear-wrapping tool on the planet. Start by using it to organize power cords. Then try it in the shop, or in the kitchen, or camping. It’s up to you. The ONE-Tie™ is so versatile that we stopped counting ways to use it after the first bazillion uses. How ever you use it, one thing is certain: the ONE-Tie™ will come in handy.

Created from an automotive-grade polymer, the ONE-Tie™ can be used, abused, and reused in hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions. And because it’s chemical and UV resistant, it’s hard to find a place where the ONE-Tie™ can’t be used. It can handle almost any task you can dream up. What will you do with your ONE-Tie™?