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A Bazillion Uses


Made in the USA

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. In fact, we listen to our customers so much that we decided to change the name of the Dera-Tie™ to the ONE-Tie™ — they were all telling us “this is the ONE TIE that DOES IT ALL!”

ONE-Tie™ is basically like duct tape: super simple and super useful. It was invented a few years ago by a DIY’er who needed a way to manage the clutter in his workshop. The first use was keeping extension cords organized. ONE-Tie™ can be attached to the end of a cord so it’s always there when you need it. It wasn’t too long before friends and colleagues were taking ONE-Tie™ home and finding all sorts of creative uses: bundling broomsticks and shovels together, holding brake calipers out of the way, tying skis and poles together, even tagging livestock for identification.

Fast forward a couple years — lots of R&D and several patents later — and you have the workhorse ONE-Tie™ of today. It’s made from an automotive-grade polymer that can be used, abused, and reused in hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions. And because it’s chemical and UV resistant, it’s hard to find a place where the ONE-Tie™ can’t be used.

We proudly make and package every single ONE-Tie™ right here in the USA.